Trespass Blog Awards 2014

Trespass blogawards 2014

Trespass Blog Awards 2014

It was certainly a surprise when it dropped into my inbox today. This blog has been chosen to be included in the hiking/walking shortlist from the Trespass Blog Awards 2014.

I'm among some very esteemed company and I have to say I'm very happy, proud and over whelmed to be included in a list with folks like Petesy, James, Alan, Keith, Phil, Alastair and others. It's like a who's who of my RSS feed.

Voting is from today, December 15th 2014 until Monday 5th of January 2015 with the winners from each category being announced on the 7th of January 2015. The winner in each section will receive a prize after the announcement from Trespass. If you want vote to then head over to

As I've said I'm in the hiking/walking category. It would be great if you voted for me and I would be over the moon that you did but feel free to vote for whichever nominee you want. Like I said I'm just happy to be included on shortlist of great blogs and ones I enjoy reading myself.

Thanks for reading.