It takes two? A paddle and a walk

Red Canoe photography courtesy of mister.tim on flickr

I was catching up with all the posts that have stacked up in my google reader this morning while I waited to get myself reved up and in the mood for working. One post that really caught my was by Hendrik Morkel over on his Hiking in Finland blog. Basically Hendrik posed the question what is your ultimate trip and gear list. He wrote about his here and that's where he lay the challenge for us all to goof off today, think about it and share ours.

Well I've been thinking about this for most of the day and I'm stuck between two places. I couldn't split them, then I remembered that Hendrik mentioned that money was no object so, what the hell. I'll do both. My Ultimate trip is two destinations. I'll deal with the destinations first and save the gear porn for the (anti)climax at the end.

One place I have always wanted to go is Canada. Specifically padding down the Hudson Bay tributeries, following in the wake of the Voyageurs. Well maybe not the quite their wake as I don't fancy paddling at 55 strokes a minute or humpfing as much gear as them. It's just a place that has always captured my imaginantion. Just to take it easy and paddle, meandering down the water. Taking in all the glory of it. Nature and the natural world at it's finest. Pulling the canoe up at suitable campsites, setting a fire and cooking, enjoying the sun going down. Just the different pace of things. Getting into the cycle and rhythm of the river.

The other place is my favourite and that's what makes it the ultimate. The hills, woods and glens of Galloway. I would though, spend more than the couple of days I usually spend in Galloway. I would work out a route that would take in all my favourite spots and places along with plenty of wild camps. It's not quite home but the area is special to me. It may not have the highest hills but it is definitely one of the wildest and least populated places you can go in Scotland. Nearly every time I've tramped over the hills, through the woods, up and down the glens of Galloway, I've had the place to myself or who ever I'm with. It's special feeling you get. It's like your the king of the castle. Some little secret that no-one else knows.

Now for the bit you've all really been waiting for? The gear. I'm going to be a tease and keep writing for a bit. But seriously though, I think the kits for both would be different and maybe have some over-lapping kit. The paddling I think will be heavier as I can carry more in the canoe than I can on my back and even have some luxuries. Why not? Might as well make use of the canoe. The thing is as well, its going to take too long to come up with a kit list for them both. I'll let you decide what I would take. I told you I was going to be a tease.


If you want to see the kit list go here