I takes two? The kit list

This is in response to Hendrik's comments on my response to his orginal post here. If you haven't read my reponse and you want to know what I'm on about, go here.

So I'm having another goof off Tuesday. Not that it's been hard. Trying to bash and cleanse spreadsheets so the data can be imported into the database, not hard for my mind wonder to my ultimate trips and dream. I would like to add a premise in that the trip would be taking place at my favourite time of year. The Autumn, not too cold yet and not too warm either, all those colours changing. I don't think I had mentioned that on my original post but I mention it now. Remember cost is no object. Lets begin with paddle in Canada.

I'm going to use that canoe to my advantage and have some heavier items or luxuries as it were.

Canadian Kit List

A birch bark canoe - to keep with the feel and tradition of the Voyageurs.

Shelter -  10' x 12'  Equinox Ultralight Globe Skimmer Silnylon Tarp. Yes it's huge but that makes a for for great versatility and it's light.

Cooking -  A 4 or 6 litre dutch oven. I've always fancied cooking over an open fire. Chile bubbling away and probably a ghillie's kettle for a making a brew, you don't always want to have to create a large camp fire just to get some tea.

Pack - Probably pack everything in some Ortlieb Packsac Drybags or my favourite North Face Basecamp Duffels.

Sleeping - My mat would be a Therm-a-rest Neo Air (Small), for those that know me I'm not the tallest and a Nanatuk Arc Specialist quilt.

As you will see there is a fair bit of course over but I suppose that's cause you like what you like.

Galloway Kit List

Shelter -  6' x 8'  Equinox Ultralight Globe Skimmer Silnylon Tarp. A better size for a single person out wild camping. Well for short arse me.

Sleeping - My mat would be a Therm-a-rest Neo Air (Small) and a Nanatuk Arc Specialist quilt.

Pack -  I think I would go for something like a custom MLD Ark. Nice and light with plenty of room.

Cooking - Caldera Keg. Don't think I need to say much more than that.

When it comes to the clothing side of things I'm not so sure. The choices are too wide and too great. I'll leave open, what clothing wise would you guys take? Feel free to comment and let me know.