Everyday & Hiking Essentials

Over at Hiking in Finland, Hendrik blogged about his essential items that he either carried everyday or when out backpacking. He asked for others to either post a blog or a comment. This is my response to that article


My essentials when walking/backpacking




My essentials that I always carry with me when out walking are a multi-tool; in this case it's a Leatherman Skeletool, I find it more useful that just a traditional knife. A whistle, better safe than sorry. A fool proof way of signalling should I find myself in trouble. I suppose it's one of those old school hangovers from my early formative years out walking. It was always on the kit list under essentials a long with a compass and a map. I usually carry two; one strapped to my pack and the other in my pocket attached by the cord to my knife. I also carry an A4 print out of the area I'm walking along with a compass (which I forgot to put in the photograph). The map print out gets folded and kept in small clear plastic bag to keep it dry.


I have found that my iPhone has been making more and more trips because of the mapping software ViewRanger and Social Hiking but I'm not sure I can it essential just yet. I don't always carry my keys and wallet on my, they usually get put in my pack or are left looked in boot of the car, out of sight.


My everyday essentials for the working week




I have the usual wallet, keys and iPhone those go in the pockets of whatever jeans or trousers that I'm wearing. I also carry a very battered first edition of the TNF Basecamp messenger bag size large. In that goes a notebook for well taking notes and scribbling down ideas. A spare pair of glasses, just in case I break the pair that I'm wearing. Also not pictured a rain jacket of some description, it is Scotland after all and you can never tell what the weather is doing. One final thing that goes in is my lunch for the day but that changes from day-to-day. Sometimes a flask or Sigg lunch box or both! If I'm feeling particularly hungry in the morning. Not forgetting my ear buds for my iPhone for listening to quality music and pod casts. I use a pair off acoustibuds which make your standard iPhone ear buds infinitely more usable and comfortable.


Like Hendrik said what do you carry?