3 Trips Thursday #63

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5223.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

The 3 Trips Thursday dinner time edition. Hadn't realised till it was too late that this one hadn't been scheduled. Imagine my shock and horror! Hopefully all back to the normal lunchtime slot next well. Anyway let's get on with this. First up is a circuit round Finzean on Feughside. Next is just some photographs of the Falls of Clyde but my oh my you see it in all its splendid glory, one of my favourite places. Finally a walk from sunrise to sunset. Get comfortable and get clicking. Enjoy.

The Links

  1. The Finzean Circuit.
  2. Falls of Clyde.
  3. Sunrise to Sunset.

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Thanks for reading and more of the same next week if you want to come back.