3 Trips Thursday #29


3 Trips Thursday

Time is marching on. It's March all ready. Twenty percent of the year done already. Hopefully you've been outside enjoying it. Spring will be here soon. Not that you would know that with the way March started and all that snow. One last hurrah by the snow gods? Who knows? I don't think the daffodils would have been too please waking up from their winter slumber to be snowed on. Settle down, get comfortable and enjoy this week's trips.

The Links

  1. Everyone loves a howff? I know I do and this looks like it's going to be a cracking series from Michael. Nothing quite beats a night in a bothy with the fire on and good friends. The Dossers guide: Slugain Howff.
  2. True words from David but in this post the photographs tell the story. Some fantastic winter scenery to get in the mood for the outdoors. Blessed by Friends and Mountains.

  3. Some Lake District loveliness from Stewart. He really does take a great photography and these are from a recent trip. Deepdale.

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