3 Trips Thursday #25

Winter Trees II 3 Trips Thursday3 Trips Thursday

Hopefully your snow hasn't turned into the frozen slushy mess that it has for me. It's no fun when it's like that. Well there's plenty of good proper snow in the links below. Dive on in and make a snow angel. Enjoy the crispness of the new white stuff.

The Links.

  1. I was cold just reading this. Some great winter photographs of Carneddeau down in Wales. Plenty of snow and some of it deep. Blizzards, spindrifts and a frozen beard.
  2. This great again from Neil, proves it's not just the tallest hills the give the greatest views. Not so much snow but plenty of snowy vistas. Duncryne.

  3. I'll finish off with some more snow and a cracking day out in the white stuff. With some good photographs to get you enthused. Beinn Mhic Mhonnaidh.

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