3 Trips Thursday #22

Towards Loch Striven

3 Trips Thursday

Well plenty snow this but for me at least at has all disappeared today, hopefully more is on the way. Maybe some of you lucky ones will get out to play in the snow this weekend.

The Links

  1. Another one short on the prose but some great views from a short trip up Ben More. Day Tripping.
  2. Not so much of a trip report but some absolutely stunning outdoor photographs. The Year in Pictures.

  3. This is a summer one but it's a cracker. Just imagine these brilliant photos with the hills covered in snow. Arnisdale.

I hope that all that this week's snow didn’t make you shiver or feel too cold. As usual leave a comment in the boxes below, send me a message through twitter or use the contact form. Whichever you prefer.

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