3 Trips Thursday #2

GallowayWildCamp000037280512 3 Trips Thursday

 3 Trips Thursday

It's that time of the week. 3 Trips Thursday  #2, another set of 3 random links from my Evernote archive for you peruse at your leisure and hopefully enjoy. A varied bag. The Borders, Galloway and some european flavour from Sweden.

The Links

  1. I'll start with the european flavour. This one is a fairly recent one from the other week over at Backpacking North. It's been doing the rounds but that's no reason not to share it some more, Views from Sarek. It's full of beautifull photographs of a stunning landscape.
  2. Hiking, biking and a bothy in the wilds of Galloway. What's not to like? Galloway Forest Park.White Laggan.Millfore. I really love the Galloway hills and Millfore is one of the best. Great views over the Galloway Forest if you ever get the chance to walk up it on a clear day.

  3. The last link for this week is one of my new favourite hills, if you can ignore the turbines. Luckily or unluckily I've still to climb it in good weather so the turbines haven't been an issue, yet. Reading this last year got me in the car and down the short distance for my new home to here for the first time. My route was different but still a great walk. A weekend in the Borders seeking Donald and Graham (but finding turbines).

As always let me know what you think in the comments below , or if you have a link of your own to share leave it there too. Alternatively use the share buttons and let your friends know.

See you next week.