3 Trips Thursday #19

Arrochar_Meet_000138210212 2 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

Merry Christmas to one and all. Hope you're all having a merry time. I wasn't sure what to do for today's post with it being Christmas day and all, so I decided to do a best of thing. I had a look at the blog stats and pulled out the 3 most viewed weeks. That gives 9 links and maybe a chance to catch some of the trips you missed?

The Links

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3. 3 Trips Thursday #9

Hopefully I'll see you back on the 1st of January with not much of a sore head after your Hogmanay celebrations. As always leave comments in the boxes below, suggestions, send me a message through twitter or use the contact form etc.

In the meantime all the best for when the new year comes and thanks for reading.