3 Trips Thursday #18

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3 Trips Thursday

Hopefully you've submitted your gear list to Santa and you've not been too naughty over the past year. Hopefully next week you'll get something shiney from that list. In the meantime sit down, put your feet up and take a rest from the Christmas madness and have a good read of this week's 3 trips. Maybe you'll get some inspiration for your next trip outdoors. As I'm in a festive mood the first trip comes with some extra parcels, it's in 3 parts all the way from the north of Scotland. Next up is a trip west and over the bridge to Skye before turning south and heading for Ayrshire.

The Links

  1. Probably one of the best blogs on the net. I think this recent trip James took, Sutherland - Bongo and Bothies in the far north is really rather special in my opinion. The photographs are just superb. Part 1, part 2, part 3.
  2. It might not be the biggest on Skye but it does have some really spectacular views. Well worth the look. Ben Tainavaig.

  3. One of my all time favourite blogs. It's all localish walks in and around Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Galloway. The guys are out nearly every week. Irvine Valley Walk.

As always feel free to leave a comment in the boxes below, send me message through twitter or use the contact form. See you next week and yes that is Christmas day. Not sure it'll be a Christmas special but it will feature trips.