3 Trips Thursday #13

Towards Galloway 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

This week we've got a bothy with a trip to the mountains of Kintail and Glen Affric, a castle that overlooks the Sound of Mull and the third one a round of some of the Southern Uplands at Moffat.

The Links

  1. Now this is a really recent one but sometimes I like to change it up like that and edit stuff around. This is probably how we all would like to have a Monday meeting. Another post stuffed full of good photos and rogues gallery or should that be a who's who? Monday Morning Meeting.
  2. This one's from right over in left. It's not a trip or anything remotely like that. It's a castle, Mingary Castle that looks over the Sound of Mull. It's being rebuilt? Restored? Anyway some of the photographs of views over the sound are stunning. Mingary Castle.

  3. This is an older post from Mark but still worth a read. He does 16 miles round some great hills down at Moffat with an over nighter. Southern Uplands.

And we're done for another week. Hope you enjoyed reading those links. As always if you've got something to say, leave a comment in the box below or come find me over on twitter.