3 Trips Thursday #12

Arrochar_Meet_000149200212 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

It's getting close, we've burned Guido and set off the fireworks. Next Santa will be dropping off parcels before we know it. It must mean that snow is on it's way. It can't be long now till we see the icing sugar topped hills. Until then though why not click on the links below and have a good read of this weeks 3 Trips Thursday?

The Links

  1. Lets start with a walk from Glenfinnan to Inverie. It's got a bit of everything, a bothy, a ferry and the dreaded midge. Glenfinnan to Inverie - a re-acquaintance.
  2. Here's one to get you winter wonderland walkers excited. A cracking winter walk in the Cairngorms. Full on white stuff. Wrap up warm. Cairngorm and the Northern Corries.

  3. This last one here is a beauty and 2 for the price of one. I couldn't share part one without part 2, though I'm sure you would have found it yourself. I don't think I've seen a better post on Assynt and I'm so glad I found it again in my Evernote archive. Settle in for some great views. Assynt Corbetts, Grahams and Waterfalls part 1 and Assynt Corbetts, Grahams and Waterfalls part 2.

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the 3 trips, 4 links. Feel free to leave comments below.