3 Trips Thursday #10

Culsharg Bothy 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

In this week's kist o' links we have a trip to Ardnamurchan, a bothy trip by bike and a walk in the Loch Monar wilderness.

The Links

  1. It's been a while since I've been there but I love the Ardnamurchan pennisula. The views on clear days are something else and the sunsets are cracking. Well worth the visit. This one is from the Jinja Coo blog. Cracking weather and brilliant photographs. Ardnamurchan - Climbs, swims and rescued sheep.
  2. The is another superb blog. Attempting to do a full round of the MBA huts by bike! I never knew there were so many bothies. A few have been added to my ever-expanding must do list. Great reading. Over Ambition.

  3. For the last link this week is from a blog that I've only discovered recently, Mountain Coward Adventures. One the busiest blogs I've read in long time. There doesn't seem to be a week that doesn't have post. I'm sure I'll be sharing more from here in the coming weeks. This is my favourite so far as I work my way back through the posts. Loch Monar wilderness and Meall Mor.

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