3 Trips Thursday #1

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The Premise of 3 Trips Thursday

I'm going to try something new here. Well new for this blog. I'm going to share links every Thursday to 3 walks, 3 Trips Thursday as I shall call it, hikes and trips that have peaked my interest, whetted my appetite or fired my imagination. All going well that will be 52 weeks of goodness and 156 bits of link back love.

They maybe new, they maybe old or you may even have seen them shared elsewhere before. Hopefully it will get me inspired to write-up my own trip reports again but more importantly is that you will get inspire to go outdoors or even write about your experiences.

The Links

  1. This trip has been a recent favourite, Summer on Airstrip One over at Writes of Way. It's a report of a week spent on Jura. A place that's on my massive to do list.
  2. This one is a relative old one but still a good walk up a great wee hill that has a great view over some of my favourite places. This one is courtesy of Neil's Hillwalking Exploits and it's Nutberry Hill.

  3. The final link for this week comes from Nick Bramhall's blog which is full of great trips but this one really stuck out for me recently. The photographs are great so don't hang about go read Mona Gowan and Morven and feast your eyes on the photographs.

There you go. The first 3 trips shared.  Hopefully you found it all good. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Maybe even share a trip report and if it hits the right spot with me it'll get included in one of the next posts. In the meantime have fun and there will be more links next week. Same place, same time.