Hamilton to Strathclyde Park - Getting to The Clyde Walkway

Clyde_Walkway_DSC4734.jpg Clyde Walkway

The Clyde Walkway from Hamilton to Strathclyde Park.

This has taken an age to publish. It's gone through many versions and many edits. From sections to one massive post to finally this. Broken down into parts that make sense to me. I'll link each part together as and when I publish them.

The Clyde Walkway had been on my list for a while. Well parts of it had been. With a full day to myself I decided to get the bus to Hamilton and walk the  home. To say I should have checked the time-table earlier is an understatement because in my rush to pack my rucksack and get out the door in time I forgot the map sheets I had printed off. To be honest I was hoping not to use them but I had never walked the path before so I wasn't sure how well it was sign posted. I just wanted a little of insurance, just in case.

There was a fair few stops before I reached Hamilton bus station. Larkhall, Ferniegair and few others. I used that time to plot out a route on ViewRanger on my phone and to download the map tiles should I have needed them.


Hamilton to Strathclyde Loch.

After arriving at the bus station instead of heading straight down to Strathclyde Loch I took a little detour and headed to the Parish Church to have a look at the Netherton Cross. An ancient 10th Century carved stone cross. Which used to stand in the Low Parks near to the old palace grounds on the other side of the motorway. I never got very close to it as the gates were locked and I couldn't see another obvious way in.


Despite the disappointment of the gates being locked I headed on down to the old Palace grounds past the Hamilton Library and the Hamilton Low parks Museum. Both of which are definitely worth a visit in their own right. I continued on to what is now a public park to get the path the goes under the M74 motorway and the footbridge that crosses the Clyde. Now the massive palace no longer stands doesn't mean that there isn't any remnants of its grand past. You only have to walk a short way in the old palace grounds when you see the ice cream cone like dome of the Hamilton Mausoleum. I was built by the 10th Duke of Hamilton. It was started in 1842 and completed 5 years after the death of the 10th Duke in 1858. It also holds the record for the longest echo. The Duke and is ancestors are no longer interred there having been moved due to flooding and subsidence. 


Strange standing stone

Not far from the mausoleum. Is a strange mound and standing stone or a stone just protruding from the mound. I don't remember seeing any information board or anything to give it context. It's there and you can't miss it. It took me an age to find out what it is. Originally I thought it was the site of the early medieval castle or the old collegiate church but it wasn't. They are both close by but situated in two completely different areas within the park. This apparently is part of a long forgotten civic art project, an art installation. It took place at some point during the 1990s.  Other than that I haven't came across any more details. It certainly puzzled me that day. I'm very intrigued to find out what it's purpose was and is. 

Collegiate Church

There is nothing left to see of the Collegiate Church or what is left is under the Palace Sports ground five aside parks which I passed on the way in. The medieval church was still in use after the reformation when it was used as the local parish church for Hamilton. However it stood far too close to the palace and the Duke decide to build the townspeople a new church. It was largely demolished in 1732 except for the crypt and aisle that was used for the Hamilton burials after the new parish church was completed. It was then completely demolished in 1842. All the Hamilton burials were moved to the new mausoleum before being moved again as mentioned above. 

Mote Hill

Another site in the area of interest is a medieval Motte and Bailey site. This what I had thought the standing stone and mound was for. If you are heading to Strathclyde park like I was it's over in the near distance on your left hand side. Tucked away next to the motorway, hidden in a stand of trees. Not much is actually known about this site other than it's substantial earth work and buried archeology. It's scheduled and hopefully in the future we'll find out more about it. 


Under the M74 and over the bridge

After taking in all the sites of the Palace park I followed the path under the M74 motorway and over the footbridge for my first view of the Clyde and the main subject of the walk. I crossed the bridge, thinking how cool and lazy and slow the water looked. I then took a right and joined the Clyde Walkway properly and started my journey home. 


My route on OS maps

Hamilton Bus station to Strathclyde Park

More photographs from the Clyde Walkway

My flickr album

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3 Trips Thursday #65


3 Trips Thursday #65

Hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever you have done over the last week. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration to get outside and work off all the excess food and drink from the merry celebrations. 

The Links.

  1. My favourite wee walks in Scotland
  2. Little effort, big views - Ben a’Chrulaiste.
  3. Creag Dhubh and the Argyll Stone.

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3 Trips Thursday #64

Last of Merrick's snow

3 Trips Thursday #64

It's been a while. A very long while. I'm not making any promises but we'll see how this goes. I got caught up with other stuff and life in general. Anyway let’s get onto the most important part, the trips. 

The first is a cracking overnighter in the Tunskeen Bothy down in Galloway. I’ve had some belters of nights in there myself. The second is a good wee walk up the Lundie Craigs in Perthshire and last  but my no means least. A cold few days in the Cheviots. Just shows if you pack right and have the correct gear you can still have fun this time of year.

The Links.

  1. Tunskeen Bothy. Galloway and Carrick Forest Trip.
  2. Lundie Craigs.
  3. Cold Camping in the Cheviots.

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The Upper Nethan Gorge Woodland Walk

Sometimes it's not all about big hills or long distances sometimes it's about taking your time and looking at what's on your own doorstep. It would appear on the face of things I have an area which is abundant in local signposted walks and ways. One of which brought me to the Upper Nethan Gorge. Literally right on my doorstep. Not 10 minutes from my door. It's one of two, The Upper Nethan Gorge up at Blackwood and the Lower Nethan Gorge down towards Nethanfoot and Crossford on the River Clyde. Both of the areas are looked after and managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. They are also within the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership project boundary.

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3 Trips Thursday #63

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5223.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

The 3 Trips Thursday dinner time edition. Hadn't realised till it was too late that this one hadn't been scheduled. Imagine my shock and horror! Hopefully all back to the normal lunchtime slot next well. Anyway let's get on with this. First up is a circuit round Finzean on Feughside. Next is just some photographs of the Falls of Clyde but my oh my you see it in all its splendid glory, one of my favourite places. Finally a walk from sunrise to sunset. Get comfortable and get clicking. Enjoy.

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  1. The Finzean Circuit.
  2. Falls of Clyde.
  3. Sunrise to Sunset.

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3 Trips Thursday #62

Glassford_Auld_Kirkyard_DSC6654.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

Yes it's that time of the week for 3 Trips Thursday where I share my favourite links that I've saved from RSS feeds. Some are new some are old but they're all good in my opinion. Get yourself comfortable and start clicking through for some outdoors inspiration. This week we have some more bothies and snow as well as a week long trip and a great photograph to draw you in.

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  1. A New Year week in Weardale.
  2. What could have been.
  3. A couple of days of escape.

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3 Trips Thursday #61

Castle_Urquhart_DSC5512.jpg 3 Trips Thursday3 Trips Thursday

The first link for 3 Trips Thursday is something a little different but it's still a trip and it's still outside. Glenlyon is not all about it's spectacular hills, there's some very interesting history there too. Next up is some bike riding and bothy staying. Finally for this week a quick walk up Duncryne, which has great views over Loch Lomond and Luss.

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  1. Carnbane Castle and a banquet for a bard.
  2. a couple of days of escape.
  3. Duncryne.

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3 Trips Thursday #60

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5332.jpg 3 Trips Thursday3 Trips Thursday

Another small bag of delightful walks for 3 Trips Thursday to get you in the mood for some walking and outdoor fun.  This week we have the Ayrshire coast, a couple of hills near Kilsyth and the Antonine wall and cold winter walk.

The Links

Castle Hill and Croy Hill. Another local walk. 12km. Saltcoats to Kilwinning across the amazing Ardeer Peninsula.

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3 Trips Thursday #59

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5212.jpg 3 Trips Thursday3 Trips Thursday

This week's trips include some cracking Highland snow from the start of the winter walking season. The forests, rivers and linns around Braemar. The last link is an escape to the mountains after trip to the big city. Sit down, relax and read away.

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  1. First Wintry Walks of the Season.
  2. Days off Around Braemar – Linns o’ Dee & Quoich.
  3. Escape Velocity.

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3 Trips Thursday #58

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5334.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

I'm cheating a bit here this week but I just felt you couldn't have part one without part two. In some ways this weeks links are opposites on the weather scales. The first  2 links are an a couple of days in the Ettrick Hills round Moffat and the other is up on the west coast around Oban.

The Links

  1. Battered days and bothy nights in the Ettrick Hills – pt1.
  2. Battered days and bothy nights in the Ettrick Hills – pt2.
  3. Beinn Lora. Benderloch.Highland Sunsets.

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3 Trips Thursday #57

Cairngorms_DSC5417.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

This week I'm sharing a belter of a slideshow from the Cairngorms, some really great photographs by a very talented photographer and trip to Skye taking in the Old Man of Storr.

Happy reading.

The Links

  1. Cairngorms Chillout.
  2. Photo highlights of 2015.
  3. The Old Man of Storr.

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3 Trips Thursday #56

Blackhill_DSC5183.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday.

Settle down and click away on another 3 trips. This week we have a trips to Oban. Some fine photographs from the Lakes. A

The Links.

  1. Oban. The Bothy Visit. Kayaks, Cows, Geese and Mountains.
  2. Glaramara and the one day winter.
  3. Ossian’s Cave in Glen Coe.

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3 Trips Thursday #55

Castle_Urquhart_DSC5595.jpg 3 Trips Thurday3 Trips Thursday.

Sorry that there hasn't been much 3 Trips Thursday post for a while or any posts for that matter. Finally after months of trying, I've gotten back into my blog. I had updated the password then managed to lock myself out. The new secure log in was so secure I couldn't type it in correctly. Not very clever. Anyway, hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year.

The usual small bag of delights this week includes a walk on Skye. A great glen walk at Ullapool. Lastly and by no means least, a cracking pack rafting trip.

The Links.

  1. Redwings and Ravens in the Red Cuillin.
  2. Glen Achall Gorge scramble Ullapool.
  3. The Road to the Western Lands.

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3 Trips Thursday #54

Cairngorms_DSC5434.jpg 3 Trips Thursday3 Trips Thursday.

Pull up a pew and get comfortable. 3 great trips for you read over during your lunch or whenever you get the time. Biking, hiking and a wild swimming, fresh water swimming spot for those that are brave enough to take on the chill. All in all it's just about having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

The Links.

  1. The Four Tops (Glen Derry).
  2. Stob an Aonaich Mhoir Bike and Hike.
  3. Shilstone and the tors of North Teign River Valley, Dartmoor.

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3 Trips Thursday #53

Clyde_Walkway_DSC4439.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday.

Well would seem that I went away for a week and forgot to schedule a post correctly. Just saved as a draft so here's last week's 3 trips this week.

A pretty mixed rucksack again but all full of good photographs and loads of inspiration. Settle down and click away to your hearts content.

The Links.

  1. Brilliant weather on Cruach Tairbeirt.
  2. Falling Leaves, Leaping Salmon.
  3. On high empty rolling hills - a backpack south of Peebles.

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